Sonostar Capital Partners, LLC is a limited liability company whose members are a select group of extraordinarily successful, highly motivated professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Fifteen investors have come together to pool their investment capital and to pursue investment opportunities in a Fund managed by Greg Kiernan, the Managing Partner and one of Sonostar Ventures’ founding partners.  In addition to providing their capital, the members of Sonostar Capital share their investment ideas, their deal flow, their perspective and insights on potential transactions and access to their network of relationships, helping Sonostar to pursue its vision of entrepreneurial investing. Sonostar Capital Partners principals' believe that this idea and information sharing structure will enable Sonostar to generate significant returns on invested capital.

Our investments share the following common themes:

1.  Our investments typically range between $1,500,000 and $3,000,000.  When necessary or required, we will help to arrange additional financing.

2.  Our focus is on companies that we feel offer superior risk/reward opportunities and that have the ability to generate $100 MM in revenues or more within 4 years.  We look for companies that have the potential to generate 40+% annualized returns on our investment over our four to five year holding period.

3.  Our focus is on private equity, venture capital and small capitalization public companies, as we believe that these sectors offer the best value; however, Sonostar Capital is able to consider any opportunity in any asset class if the Managing Partner feels that the opportunity has the potential to generate significant returns.

4.  We generally try to take a meaningful stake in the companies in which we invest, so that the capital we provide makes a difference.  We invest in companies that we feel we can positively impact.  We strive to be active investors, and we will often take a position on the Board of Directors or Advisory Boards of the companies in which we invest.

5.  Our investment decisions are based on our assessment of the vision of the entrepreneur and the management team, the value of the company at the time of our investment (and the corresponding return potential of the investment opportunity) and the execution capability of the management team.  Every investment we make runs through an intense analytic process.  Notwithstanding this detailed analysis, our streamlined investment decision process and our investment management structure allow us to commit our capital quickly, with minimal bureaucratic processes.

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